Melbourne Pinball Map

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999 comments on “Melbourne Pinball Map

  1. Pixel Alley has deadpool now.. GOT is gone..

    Anywhere else with a deadpool on location?

  2. Antique Motorcycles
    1 Grange Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192

    Now has a Batman 66 Premium & a Iron Maiden Pro get in there play some games and show your support.

  3. Does any one know what happened to the Tommy pinball machine in the Scooter restaurant?

  4. Just went to the Joint bar to play Theatre of Magic, hoping they had fixed the issues I reported to them 3 weeks ago. They hadn’t and the machine was still not working (ball jammed). Luckily the maintenance guy was there and I walked him through the problems. He fixed 2/3 – but the Trunk not turning around was a motor issue so he has to take the machine out for a while to get it fixed properly. So its out of action 😦 Any other suggestions of where to play in the CBD at lunch?

  5. The Golden Fleece now has Phoenix and Safe Cracker in addition to those listed.

    29 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

    Ghostbusters – > Out
    Star Was (Stern) -> In

  7. Timezone Knox (Wantirna South) have gotten rid of their machines, disappointing but not surprising as Star Trek had problems for months that they weren’t getting fixed.

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