Melbourne Pinball Map

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944 comments on “Melbourne Pinball Map

  1. Australian Pinball Museum
    22 Dimboola Road
    Nhill VIC 3418
    (03) 5391 1666

    High Speed and Star Pool

    Guardians of the Galaxy Pro (Stern 2018)
    Star Wars LE (Stern 2017)
    Kiss LE (Stern 2015)
    Cabaret (Williams 1968)
    Devil Riders (Zaccaria 1984)
    Gold Wings (Gottlieb 1986)
    Screwy (Bally 1932)

  2. Few updates for Geelong, by no means complete:
    Star Wars Episode 1 at Market Square is gone
    World Poker Tour at Chickery Fish has been replaced with Ghostbusters (probably Pro?)
    Popcultcha Collector Gallery (West 3, Federal Mills Park, 35 Mackey Street, North Geelong VIC 3215) has a Bally/Williams Indiana Jones
    Ms. Bartronica (159 Ryrie St, Geelong VIC 3220) has (at least) Popeye and Addams Family. Probably more, but can’t verify.

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