Melbourne Pinball Map

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1,037 comments on “Melbourne Pinball Map

  1. Timezone Epping has Star Wars pro, Iron Maiden pro and Dead Pool pro.

  2. The Workers Club has swapped out KISS Premium and replaced with Metallica Pro

  3. Who is best to report faults at bartronica to? Bar staff don’t do anything

  4. Bartronica has got rid of bunch of their machines. It’s now just Iron Maiden, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars.

    • Are you sure? They also had AC/DC Luci and Ghostbusters behind those machines, lucked in a corner at the end of the bar. They would have been easy to miss, but have those two really gone?

    • Maybe they were swapping them over. Seems odd to reduce the number since they created such a nice space for the machines.

    • Yes it’s just the 5 now.
      Star Wars
      Game of Thrones

      Too bad, I was hoping the remodel would allow for more machines, not less.

  5. Timezone Craigieburn – Game of Thrones + Ghostbusters only (no more Rolling Stones)
    Donnybrook Hotel – Only a Getaway (map still shows a ‘2’?)

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