Melbourne Pinball Map

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919 comments on “Melbourne Pinball Map

  1. Hunky dory burwood shopping centre has stern Indiana jones and pirates of the carribean pinballs.

  2. No pinball at Ringwood Costco as I was there yesterday (29/1/18)

  3. Fleet st barbers Shop J-046 Northland Shopping Center has wwf royal rumble pinball.

  4. Pixel Alley has the first Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball on site in Melbourne, I think it’s worth checking out.

  5. Fish tales at Skate World on Morning ton Peninsula & Fish tales on Phillip Island have gone. There is a Fish tales at “Labour in Vain, 197A Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065” now. I love Fish Tales incase you hadn’t noticed!

  6. Avalon airport has ghostbusters, Star Wars and Spider-Man

  7. Doncaster hotel 855 doncaster rd has KISS pinball.

  8. Was going to let you know about eh CSI at space hotel, but you’ve got it on here anyway.
    Plays like it is made entirely out of sand paper. Weak flippers, murky glass, unresponsive switches, boring game play, dull sound, and bad location(next to glarey window). I played it while waiting for a friend who stayed there. Just… yeah it was almost a fun experience playing with him to show him how bad a machine can get. 😀 Much laughter and bitching was had.

  9. ‘Totally Game’ at Southland, Cheltenham has swapped out Ghostbusters for…. A Stern Star Wars(2017) Pro edition!!

    Batman 66′ is still there.

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