Melbourne Pinball Map

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873 comments on “Melbourne Pinball Map

  1. Manhattan hotel has Attack from Mars.
    Doncaster hotel has AC/DC
    Mountain view hotel in Glen Waverley has Game of Thrones and Ghostbusters.
    Village green hotel in Mulgrave has South Park.
    Mitcham hotel has Getaway: High Speed II

  2. Great Britain has swapped iron man out for Ghostbusters

  3. Found a Theatre of Magic in the Joint Bar in Melbourne CBD. Upstairs on corner of Flinders Lane and Elizabeth Street. Condition is ok. LED’s installed.

  4. The Peacock Hotel in Northcote has replaced Batman with Aerosmith L.E. KISS L.E is still there

  5. Roadshow at kidz digz wallace avenue point cook.

  6. Nhill Oasis motel – Nhill 3418 (western victoria).
    Name change and pinball list update.
    The motel games room was removed last year, building that housed the gamesroom was expanded and modified so that it could be opened to the general public. That building has now become the Australian Pinball Museum, situated next to the Oasis Motel.

    Location descrition information:
    Australian Pinball Museum
    22 Dimboola Road
    Nhill VIC 3418
    (03) 5391 1666

    Pinball list update:
    AC/DC Back in Black (Stern 2012)
    Aerosmith Pro (Stern 2017)
    Banzai Run (Williams 1988)
    Champ (Bally 1974)
    College Queens (Gottlieb 1969)
    Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)
    Dracula (Williams 1993)
    Fashion Show (Gottlieb 1962)
    Fire! (Williams 1987)
    Fish Tales (Williams 1992)
    High Speed (Williams 1986)
    Judge Dredd (Bally 1993)
    Kiss (Bally 1979)
    Pinball Magic (Capcom 1995)
    Playboy (Stern 2002)
    Revenge From Mars (Bally 1999)
    Rollercoaster Tycoon (Stern 2002)
    Star Pool (Williams 1974)
    Star Trek Premium (Stern 2013)
    Student Prince (Williams 1968)
    Swords of Fury (Williams 1988)
    The Simpsons (Data East 1990)
    Top Score (Gottlieb 1975)
    Twilight Zone (Bally 1993)
    WWE Wrestlemania (Stern 2015)
    X-Men Magneto (Stern 2012)

  7. Star Trek (Stern 2013) – OUT
    No replacement

    Trios Sports Club
    30 Grant St
    Cranbourne North VIC 3977

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