Stranger Things & Elvira’s House Of Horrors @ Pixel Alley

Two spooky new machines from Stern have arrived at Pixel Alley! Elvira’s House Of Horrors, the 3rd instalment of this classic pinball IP, has great art, heaps of good shots and is a lot of fun. Stranger Things is something a little different from Stern and is dripping with atmosphere. Fans of the show will […]

Globe Alley

  Finally a new spot for us city workers / dwellers. Globe Alley is a new(ish) dive bar in Chinatown just near the corner of Little Bourke St and Swanston St. It’s a roomy venue with a decent beer selection and good food options. I was there early, but looks like the type of place […]

Moon Dog World

Moon Dog World has launched and could just be the best spot in Melbourne to play pinball. Currently on site: Willy Wonka (Jersey Jack 2019) Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Guardians of the Galaxy (Stern 2017) Ghostbusters (Stern 2016) Game of Thrones (Stern 2016) Star Trek (Stern 2013) No Fear (Stern 1995) All machines are in […]

Jersey Jack Clip

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Jurassic Park @ Pixel Alley

There’s been another new addition to the stellar lineup down at Pixel Alley with the arrival of Jurassic Park (Stern 2019). It’s more of the same from Stern… but that ain’t a bad thing. A solid machine, fun to play and with some challenging shots. Go check it out! Pixel Alley 95 Smith St Fitzroy […]

Theatre of Magic / Nugent @ Thornbury Espresso Coffee Bar

  Stumbled on Theatre of Magic (Midway 1995) and Nugent (Stern 1978) at Thornbury Espresso Coffee Bar recently. Didn’t manage to play them as I had to rush off to a movie next door. Anyone played these and can offer a condition report? The cafe itself was like stepping back in time 😀 Thornbury Espresso […]

Black Knight: Sword of Rage @ Pixel Alley

A great new(ish) addition has arrived down at Pixel Alley. Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Stern 2019) is the third in a series of classic machines designed by the great Steve Richie. The split level play field, magna-save and of course the taunts from the Black Knight himself all return in this edition. It’s a really fun […]

The Munsters @ Karting Madness

  Karting Madness in Chirnside Park now has The Munsters (Stern 2019). Just a reminder what great value this place is for a good pinball session. Bonus tokens are given based on how much you convert.. so your money goes a looonnnnggg way! 🙂 All machines are well maintained and playing well. The Munsters (Stern […]

The Beatles and The Munsters arrive at Pixel Alley

The Beatles (Gold Edition) and The Munsters have been added to the Pixel Alley line-up. One old school.. one new school.. but both hot off the Stern factory line and a lot of fun. Well worth a visit. Pixel Alley 95 Smith St Fitzroy VIC MAP

Bartronica Renovated

Bartronica was renovated recently and the place is looking fantastic. All the pinball machines are now together and protected from foot traffic when the place gets busy. A great improvement. There’s also a strange little addition there called Baby Pac-Man (Bally Midway 1992), which is one part arcade machine and one part pinball. As the […]