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Golden Fleece Hotel

Located upstairs at the newly renovated Golden Fleece Hotel, this new spot has instantly become one of Melbourne’s best pinball establishments.

Not only is the line-up of old and new solid.. they’re all in immaculate condition and play very well.

With good food and beer specials throughout the week its well worth a visit.. even just to see the beautiful Medieval Madness in all its glory.

I’m also told that this is just the beginning with more machines to come. We’re becoming spoilt for choice here in Melbourne!

Medieval Madness (Williams 1997)
Wrestle Mania (Stern 2015)
Ghostbusters LE (Stern 2016)
The Hobbit Smauge Edition(Jersey Jack 2016)
Creature From The Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)
The Walking Dead LE (Stern 2014)
AC/DC (Stern 2012)
Star Wars (Data East 1992)
Game of Thrones LE (Stern 2016)

Golden Fleece Hotel
120 Montague St, South Melbourne VIC


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